Newest dickgirl Josie Jumboner makes her video debut in the new video: BBW with the Biggest Boner. Josie starts off by walking while jumbling her gigantic dick and humongous boobs as she moves. She takes off her bra and almost topples over from being so front heavy! Then she continues strutting to and fro with everything wobbling. Josie rests her enormous choad on a chair and rubs her tits all over her boner. She tit fucks herself, finding it hard to wrap her massive mammaries around her girthy cock until her dick explodes with cum.

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Priya and Kala go to a freshman mixer on campus. It is a way for students to meet and have a great time. Kala loves to watch Priya with other girls but also loves to tease Priya. They meet a hot young dancer and head to the ladies room for some raunchy fun!

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Dr. Lancealot and her trusty nurse Franchesca treat Crissy’s ejaculation issues in the new video: Sperm Bank Servicing a Slut. It’s a slow day a the sperm bank and Lauren and Franchesca are passing the time by taking turns fucking each other. Crissy is in need of some quick cash so she walks in looking to make a deposit. She’s feeling a little nervous so the doctor and nurse use different methods to extract her cum. When she finally gets there, Crissy unleashes an abundant load of jizz all over their faces! Then the two girls return the favor by busting their nuts on her face too!

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In the first comic, Priya comes home to find Candy has taken out all her pantyhose and started to jerk off in them. As pushishment, Priya was fucking Candy hard. Christine walks in the tables get turned. Now is is a double fuck on poor little Priya!

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We all know Alexis is a busy woman. To do a few chores around the house, she hires the boy next door. When she comes home from work to find the boy in her lingerie, there will be some hot, steamy results. Alexis’ big, fat cock might find a new place to play!

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Futanari foot fetish

February 20, 2012, 12:03 pm | Futanari, Futanaria | Read Comments (0)

Whitney and Nicole get their flirty foot fetishes satisfied in the new video: Feet Fucking Females. The two girls wander in on a shoe store to try on some shoes. Nicole sits down while Whitney puts a pair of purple pumps on her. Finding it too irresistible, Whitney starts sucking on Nicole’s dainty toes, she even tries to stuff Nicole’s entire foot into her mouth! Nicole thrusts her extra-long cock into Whitney’s cleavage and tittie fucks her. The two girls suck on each other’s cocks and give foot jobs until they both cum on each other’s feet!



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The young man in the strip club had no idea what he was getting into when he got a little too touchy with the sexy girls on stage. He just thought they were beautiful women with tight bodies and great tits. He thought they wouldn’t mind if he tugged on their clothes a little trying to get them off. He thought wrong though. They were beautiful shemales and they did not take kindly to his rude behavior. Even though he was waving money at them the ladies decided to teach him a lesson. In front of a large audience they fucked his virgin ass. They were much stronger than they looked at first glance and before he could do anything he was bent over the stage getting hammered up the ass big a surprisingly large futanari cock. The audience was watching and laughing and pointing and he was getting fucked so hard it was stirring up his innards. The other futanari stripper then whipped out her dick and stuffed it in his mouth so he was getting fucked on both ends. The night ended with him covered in cum and the ladies taking his money.



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Natsumi is back in Japan. Being raised in Japan, she is familiar with all the samurai and yakuza stories from her childhood. Here, she dreams of being part of one of those stories with a cute little Tgirl and a fat yakuza guy. Cocks get hard and asses get filled in this Asian dream comic.



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In her comic “Snowed In” Lissa met two Russian flight attendants and fucked them both hard. Now, Lissa has a flight to Moscow and runs into the same two girls. Oh, and a male pilot that tags along. That poor male pilot! So close and yet so far!

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Here are some pinup pics of futanari girls.

Amanda, Nicole, Lisa Jane, Alexis



Alexis and Lisa Jane in boss abuse



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