Futanari Links

Links rating:
*** – Excellent keep updated resource. Lot of futa stuff, easy to get pics, mangas, doujinshi. Active community.
** – Worth to check resource. Average informatively, not so much futanari content.
* – Community with low activity. Need to spend some time to find futa, “dead” website.

Megaupload.com search tool – http://4megaupload.com ***

Communities links

Blogs, forums, boards where you can discuss your interests in dickgirls with other futafreak`s ;) :

http://www.futanaripalace.com *** – Biggest futafreak`s community on the web. A lot of original and exclusive futa artists works. Mostly futanari resource, but here you also able to find furry, loli and other hentai stuff. *** – Mainly futanari forum. Here exists artist’s area with original works.
http://world-of-futanari.com/forum/ *** – Additionally to futa, you can find transsexual and shemales areas.
http://futanari.clanteam.com/web/ * – Seems French futa community or something .

http://www.hongfire.com/forum/ ** – General anime and hentai community, but in torrent section lot of links to futa stuff.

Futanari and Dickgirls pics, mangas and doujinshi links

http://pics.livejournal.com/vitaldata/ *** – Huge dickgirls pics collection.
http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=futanari *** – Extremely large hentai imageboard (over 1000+ futa pics).
http://www.datorrents.com/gallery/browseimages.php?c=252 *** -
http://gallerie.futanari.fr/ *** – Lots of doujinshi and images.
http://www.sazanka.sakura.ne.jp/~serious/pages/graphics/graphics-adtop.html *** – Original artists futanari works.
http://kamitora.futanari.org/dash/futa1.html *** – Original artists futanari works. Recommended.

Imageboards with futanari images and mangas
http://www.ko-chan.org/ **
http://www.futanarisensei.com **
http://img.7chan.org/fn/ **
http://img.fapchan.org/fn/ **
http://www.sectachan.org/fn/ **
http://onechan.net/d/wakaba.html **
http://imgbbs1.artemisweb.jp/3/nijigensougou/index.html **
http://2ch.ru/ho/ **
http://orz.4chan.org/d/imgboard.html **
http://www.nonamechan.org/dg/ **
http://www.futanarivault.com **
http://eleochan.org/futanari **
http://community.livejournal.com/futanari_ru *
http://www.incest-hentai.rusmature.com/futanari.htm *

Futa general websites

http://gensokyo.zomgwtf.net/H/index.html ** – Hentai doujinshi listing.
http://g.e-hentai.org/ *** – Hentai doujinshi, mangas and image listing. Filter all stuff by “futanari” keyword.
http://futanariproject.pbwiki.com/ ** – A good website with futa mangas, doujinshi, pics and links.
http://www.futahentai.com/main.php ** – Large collection of dickgirls doujins and mangas and pics.
http://futanari.org/ ** – Good source of mangas and doujins.
http://www.wwoec.com/artist/dtiberius/ *** – Futanari artists list with theirs works.

Futanari movies

http://www.eroanimation.com/m/shemale_0.php ** – Link list to short futa movies.