1. In the first comic, Priya comes home to find Candy has taken out all her pantyhose and started to jerk off in them. As pushishment, Priya was fucking Candy hard. Christine walks in the tables get turned. Now is is a double fuck on poor little Priya!
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  3. In this flashback, Christine remembers her first semester in college and her hot Latina landlady. This hot Latin Tgirl wanted the rent any way she could get it. Christine gets her mouth, pussy and ass filled with tgirl cock!
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  4. Ok… Here’s the end of this short strip. I can move now to the next one…

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  6. The 4th page of sexy Christine’s story. She takes on her brown silky pantyhose… One thing… Something doesn’t fit to pantyhose size!

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  7. Christine is a young girl with very special thing, and also a big one. We make a strip where she comes to her room, takes off her silky robe and wears sexy make-up… bright eyes, red wet lips, you know… then she wears dark brown silky pantyhose and then… Just stay tuned with our sketches [...]